Van Til Editing Services

Offering editing and proofreading services.


Proofreading Options:

Basic Level:

>Basic proofreading includes checking grammar, punctuation, spelling and typos. 

>The Client has the option of selecting one to three "reading passes."

Intermediate Level:

>Basic Services plus editing for flow/syntax and items such as paragraphs that are too long, awkward transitions between paragraphs, and overall consistency.

>The Client has the option of selecting

one to three "reading passes."

Master Level:

>Basic and Intermediate Levels plus editing for structure, story line, character development, flow, and fact checking. 

>The Master Level is most often used for writing such as Graduate Level papers, fiction books and novellas and by writers who want someone to take both a detailed and a "big picture" look at their work.

A Few Details:

1.  I prefer proofreading projects that are around 70,000 words in    order to give each project the focused attention it deserves.

2.  I calculate charges either by the hour or by a fixed price.  In order to provide you with a fixed price quote, I will need to receive a few pages of the work to be edited.  This allows me to review the type of writing you will be providing and estimate how long it will take me to complete the project for you.  I will also need to know the total number of pages in the project.

3.  Clear Scope Communication:  In order to prevent any confusion, we will discuss the scope of the work you want completed and together select the Proofreading Level that best suits your needs. 

4.  If the project is over $100, I request 50% of payment when my work is 50% complete.  I invoice through PayPal.  I will keep you updated on my progress, confirm that I am on deadline, and email you the work I completed for your review and approval.

5.  We will review and sign a contract or letter outlining the work, agreed-upon cost, payment, any deadline you may require, and other details that might come up in our conversation that you would like included in our contract.